Addiction Treatment

Treatment for addiction has progressed so much since I first started working in the field. Addiction comes in many forms and each individual manifests the disease in their own unique way. I provide individualized care for each of my clients from a holistic approach to personal health.

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Codependence is a term often misunderstood and used to label people unfairly. It is a very real and painful malady that much of the population struggles with. Pia Mellody taught me about this affliction and how it is best treated. Love Addiction, Sex Addiction and other addictions often rise out of underlying Codependence.

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Trauma Treatment

Psychological Trauma manifests in many ways. Painful past events can get locked in the nervous system and filter our present reality in a dysfunctional manner. What's referred to as "Big T" or shock trauma is most easily recognized and validated as trauma. There is also a subtler type of trauma that can be just as devastating.

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Since 2005

Help Is A Phone Call Away

I've been working to help others heal from their addiction, codependence and trauma since 2005. Treatment methods have changed over the years and I've been enthusiastic about keeping myself current with the most effective treatment methods. I embrace the fact that this area is still evolving and new methods are being practiced and developed constantly.

Working with clients individual needs and tailoring their treatment to their specific personality and issues has always been my approach. So much of my work is informed by my own healing from addiction, codependence and trauma. I know that I required to be seen as an individual and not a diagnosis and needed to be treated with the utmost care and respect. I work hard to ensure each person who comes to me is seen and respected for their individual characteristics.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation if you want to know more so feel free to call or email and we can arrange a time to talk.